Ithaka – The Awesome Travel App

If you are going on a vacation then planning for the trip is a big headache and a time-consuming affair. Online travel booking sites and offline tour operators just add to your woes rather than helping you out.Ithaka

A new travel App “Ithaka” promises to help you with that. It’s a chat based App where a ‘real human’ will chat with you, understand the type of travel you are interested in and would suggest places and activities that will help you have a good time during your vacation.

The Ithaka ‘wizards’ who help you have a very good knowledge of the area (and probably has himself /herself travelled to that area) and would help you plan a memorable trip.

The App interface is beautiful and intuitive and makes using the App real fun. This is an Indian startup, started by couple of Mumbai lads. Currently it helps you plan the itinerary for only couple of destinations such as Thailand and Indonesia.

I got to know about this App through Quora while I was researching about my trip to Bali. I downloaded the App and was pleasantly surprised to see such a nice travel App.

One of the Ithaka wizard ‘Abhimanyu’ helped me plan my Bali trip over a period of few weeks. It included information about places to visit, activities to do there, visa information, Hotels to book, etc.

Although I did made a few changes to my itinerary later after extensive research on Bali but all in all, Ithaka helped me immensely and I would highly recommend it to all the travellers planning to go to Thailand or Indonesia.


  • Beautiful and functional App (I caught a few minor glitches in the app back then but that’s alright)
  • Intuitive way of finding your interests and then suggesting the places.
  • Very good photographs of the places which gives you the feel of the place.
  • You get to talk to ‘human’ who has good knowledge of that area and can suggest you the best things.
  • A real travel itinerary day by day is created and saved on the app.
  • You can pre-book activities from their platform and they also help you with hotel bookings.
  • It’s completely free to use.


  • It’s currently available only for Thailand and Indonesia and I understand expanding it could be a challenge in this model where you want to give the customers specialized attention.
  • The timings of the wizards (reps) helping you sometimes do not match with you and you should have enough time before the trip to finalize the itinerary.
  • Chatting App is a good idea but sometimes you might not find enough time to type all the questions and browse through all the answers so phone support could be helpful for people in rush.
  • Activities on the platform are slightly overpriced when I compared it with other activity vendors and these activities are not run by Ithaka team but they have contracted with other vendors and your final experience would depend on how good the vendor is.

Lastly, I must say I love the concept of personal trip planning and kudos to the Ithaka team to save travellers with the information overload on the internet and helping them make good decisions and having a good time on their vacations.



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