Game Of Thrones: A Sad Way to Bid Adieu

Game Of Thrones: A Sad Way to Bid Adieu

The final episode of Game of Thrones (GOT) marks the end of an era of larger than life Fantasy Drama series the world has ever seen.

But several fans are disappointed and many outraged by the writing and execution in its ultimate season (S08).

Many fans are asking to remake S08 and an online petition to that effect signed by more than a million fans is already gaining traction.

The show’s star Sophie Turner goes on to criticize such a petition calling it ‘disrespectful’.

Was Season 8 Really Bad?

The fans had to wait for almost 2 years for season 8. And the result was a 6 episode season which was hurried and not well presented. If anyone has doubt about the quality of the last season, they need not go far and just watch the re-runs of earlier seasons.

There is a ton of criticism floating around for last season and rightly so. More than the story the writing and the manner in which it was executed was, below par.

Anger and Disappointment

A show only succeeds when it has a loyal audience, and along with loyalty they paid for it too. Why shouldn’t they have an opinion or demand answers?

GOT has earned millions through the show and merchandise all over the world. And it has received rave reviews for its earlier season. Then why can’t the fans show their anger towards deliverable which is not quality?

It’s like you took the audience to a high all these years, and when it was time to wrap up, you were like “eh, whatever!”

This tirade is not against the case and the fans are not angry or disappointed with the cast and actors at all. They all have done splendid jobs and will remain in the hearts of the fans forever.

Remake the Last Season?

I don’t think most of the fans signing the petition are really expecting them to remake the show. And it’s well understood that it takes a lot of efforts and money to make one episode.

But I think the petition is justified; it shows the anger and disappointment of the fans world over. And even if nothing better comes out of this exercise, at least the future show makers will be cautious of not taking the fans lightly.


But with all the controversy surrounding the last season, one must not forget the impact that GOT has had on TV audiences.

The characters, the dialogues, dresses have all become part of the mainstream. It created a cult following and opened a whole new genre for the TV audience and broke many ceilings.

The show has set standards which will be difficult for any other show to surpass for years.

So, well done Game Of Thrones and everybody involved and Thank you for the Entertainment!


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