Monday, September 21, 2009

The American Dream Continues

I was going through this story about talented people leaving US published today, the same story i remember (citing the same sources) was published some 6 months back when the American economy was in tatters (for sure its better now).
The story mentioned that around 100,000 Indians and similar number of Chinese would be coming back from U.S. in the near term as the U.S. is loosing its competitive edge and rather the economies like India and China are thriving currently and are expected to be better.

Its true that there has been an exodus of sort from U.S. in past year or two. Some were forced to come back, some saw the opportunities back home being much better, some simply came back as they have had enough of U.S. of A.
The question that surfaces is, is it true that most or many of the (so called) talented Indians will come back to India?
I do not agree completely with the observation. Yes there has been a trend of NRIs coming back to India but the rate is not phenomenal not even a good healthy rate.
NRIs sitting in U.S. or any other country today are everyday listening the stories of thriving Indian economy and some of them return back with the view that they would get a red carpet welcome here but the same is not true.
When they come to terms with the harsh realities of today's India, they find that the country has not changed much in some aspects. Infrastructure, which was a bottleneck 50 years ago is the same today.
Bad roads, no electricity, water shortage, traffic chaos, all those issues which an NRI has not thought about for past few years comes back to haunt him when he is back.

People not only stay away from the country for better opportunities or dollars or euros after a few years its more about the standard of living for them which they get adopted to and it becomes difficult for them to come back.
Even though the American economy is not good at this time but for sure the economy will bounce back and in a couple of years America would again be a preferred destination for people around the world (I know I sound a bit like Obama here but that is pretty much true).
"American Dreams" are in no way out they have subdued for sometime and in no time people will again proceed with the same dreams in their eyes.
May be not that much now but still in a country like India the U.S. dream is a very big dream for many people still.
So people might be returning back but I don't think that there is ever going to be a mass exodus of talented people from U.S. of A.

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